Friday, June 21, 2019

German Ethnolinguistic Nationalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 231

German Ethnolinguistic Nationalism - Essay ExampleThe German leader at that time, Adolf Hitler, developed an ethnonational doctrine that protected the submit as a German territory. This move worked to protect the state against an erosion of dissenting opinions. This led to the brutal evacuation of cultural groups that were against the German ethnocultural nationalism. The German ethnocultural shake up was motivated by the obsession of the domestic cultural affairs of the German nationalists. This act is responsible for the destruction of the native culture that approach the wrath of the reddened nature of the German ethnic nationalism resurgence. Their struggle to maintain peace and keep their communities intact forced most kingdoms and empires to conform to the German system (Smith, 2009). The rebellions faced in the kingdoms were met with repulsive forces that forced the rebellious groups issue of their native lands. The German system disentangled many ancient kingdoms in thei r quest to ensure the German ethnic affairs are adopted. The expedition to assert political power by the advanced European nations forced Germany to quit their focus on smaller territories but instead focus on larger untapped territories. The Germans wanted to acquire land for agriculture and settlement. The Germans desire for wealth also pushed them to reach out to the larger territories. One of the German cultures that they were eager to spread is the Christian religion. The Germans wanted to spread Christianity to the less civilized territories. The missionaries aimed to spread the religion through colonization. Christopher Columbus detect America in 1492. In addition, his desire for Christianity pushed the missionary to discover more territories to spread the religion. The biggest aim of the German expansion is their desire to control and expand the handle ties.

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