Monday, June 24, 2019

Variations in the university degrees Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Variations in the university degrees - Essay ExampleThe technicalities in round degree course tornado an explanation as to why a student who has graduated with those courses are likely to earn more than others. A case in point is seen among graduates in the field of medicine.They have to take more time in the university while pursuing their programs as opposed to other courses such as arts and amicable sciences. Those who have done medicine have the right to receive more pay as the course is very technical and demands a lot of submergence and accuracy. Another example is seen in the engineering courses that require practical applications as opposed to being theoretical in nature. From an economic standpoint, it would be pointless to run into college unless a student achieved some sort of benefit by doing so. This benefit might be in the induce of increased earnings, more certain employment, some sort of non-monetary return but it must be great enough to offset the cost of atten dance. Boehm and Lees-Spalding describe on-the-job training as a form of human capital investment. In their arguments, they present definitions of two different types of training that can occur. General training is useful to many firms and is therefore applicable to a wide range of jobs. However, it is vital that even as universities should stop offering majors that are not proven to lead to successful careers, it is imperative that they cross on a lesser scale to do so since they still need new streams of income especially in the wake of major cut funds from the governments.

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